Capitalise on high youth population says report


Kampala- A new report on the state of the world population has recommended that the youth need to acquire relevant knowledge and skills if developing countries like Uganda are to benefit from them for social and economic progress.

The youth population in the country accounts for more than 78 per cent of the entire population that currently stands at 34.9 million people. The state of Uganda Population Report 2014 shows that youth are grappling with unemployment which remains a major challenge. 

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By Ayiga Patrick Obita; 19th November 2018

Any company, organisation or institution is started by an idea from one person. This idea is or was later shared with the others for it to become a reality. This therefore means that you, the Principle (owner / founder) will have to get others on board as employees (agents) in ensuring that that idea that you had bears fruits.

Imagine, as you slept, you had the idea that you have to get to your office very early in the morning. Therefore, as you set out in the morning, you ignite your car and the battery is low, hence the car cannot start. You are momentarily stuck. You then decide to get to one of your neighbours if they have not yet left to come to your rescue by jump starting your car. Or you might wait on the roadside and stop any person driving past to come and help you out. 

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By Ayiga Patrick Obita; 16th November 2018

We have known why standards matter, after which, developed standards that work for everyone and it is being implemented. If you have done these stages well, then you should be smiling inwardly due to the satisfaction you are realising. However, to not only smile inwardly, but laugh outwardly for the rest to see what the standards you have developed is causing, you have to review and monitor the standards.

Reviewing should be a periodic exercise that is done by the people that the standards govern. These are the ones that have their work and actions checked by the standards in order to perform. However, it is also another story to be told that once a standard has been developed, very few if any do go back and intentionally review the performance.

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By Ayiga Patrick Obita; 5th November 2018

If you have been following my posts of recent, you should know that this is the third article I am writing concerning standards. After you have known why standards matter and how to develop standards that work for everyone, then you are left with the actual work of ensuring that these standards are now implemented.

This is because if they are not implemented, then there is nothing tangible to say about the standards than it being a document. As a Manager or Leader, it is your task to ensure that the standards are implemented and everyone is following. This gives you a situation of how is it going to be done.

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 By Ayiga Patrick Obita; 29th October 2018

This is a follow up article from the first that was written spelling out the importance of standards in the article "Why I hate standards? Do you too?" Thus, if we now know that standards are important in our work and life, then the next thing is then how do we come up with one that works for everyone?

Oftentimes, standards are made which are in place to serve the interests of a few people instead of the rest of the team and as such they have instead led to a retrogression than progress. Some of these people think that these shall never affect them, yet they are very wrong. Just like the saying that, "Power is so powerful that it is powerless". This means that there will be a time that you will have no power and authority and that the standards you set will come back to haunt you. Is that what you want to have even long when you are out of your powerful position? I don't think so.

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