By Ayiga Patrick Obita; 29th October 2018

This is a follow up article from the first that was written spelling out the importance of standards in the article "Why I hate standards? Do you too?" Thus, if we now know that standards are important in our work and life, then the next thing is then how do we come up with one that works for everyone?

Oftentimes, standards are made which are in place to serve the interests of a few people instead of the rest of the team and as such they have instead led to a retrogression than progress. Some of these people think that these shall never affect them, yet they are very wrong. Just like the saying that, "Power is so powerful that it is powerless". This means that there will be a time that you will have no power and authority and that the standards you set will come back to haunt you. Is that what you want to have even long when you are out of your powerful position? I don't think so.

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By Ayiga Patrick Obita; 25th October 2018

In this world, everything and whatever is done has got standards, either formally set or not. Others are written or unwritten, spoken or unspoken, seen or unseen, felt or unfelt, etc. I don't know which side you fall or have observed in your career or life.

A story is told of a new staff who after joining, was perturbed why the office would be on air conditioner at all the time instead of having the windows opened for fresh air. There was no standard written that was showing that no windows were to be opened though silently, that was the standard. So, this new staff one day opens the windows and the next thing he received was a terminated letter for having violated the office standard.

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Govt spends sh39b annually on unsafe abortions by Straight Talk Foundation Limited in Uganda


With many youths having unprotected sex and fearing to bear children, most of them resort to abortion a thing which has stretched government's budget to about sh39b.

Straight Talk Foundation Limited Executive Director, Susan Ajok said that government spends about US$14m (about 39b) annually on treating complications related to unsafe abortion with youths taking the centre stage.

She disclosed this on Friday during a fundraising ceremony at Serena Hotel in Kampala.

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Patrick Cremean
The government of Uganda is spending heavily on the unsafe abortions due to health issues for the ladies. The procedure of the abo... Read More
Sunday, 19 May 2019 06:05
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It’s the Journey, Not the Destination: Introducing the WAY Programme in Acholi and West Nile by Reach a Hand in Uganda


It's the Journey, Not the Destination: Introducing the WAY Programme in Acholi and West Nile

Overtime stories have been told about Uganda's hospitality, and kindness to almost becoming the biggest refugee host country in the world. Look at all the love we got in us! Uganda currently hosts almost 1.4 million refugees, mainly settled in Acholi, West Nile and the Southwestern regions of Uganda. The Acholi and West Nile regions are dominated by refugees from South Sudan, who also comprise 1 million of the total refugee populace. This means that this is a sensitive region, given the many young people who come into the host community with reproductive health and rights needs. 

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Is Uganda’s debt sustainable? by EPRC in Uganda

Due to the civil servant strikes of 2017, the Government of Uganda intends to borrow UGX 700 billion to meet demands by civil servants. If the borrowing is realised, Uganda's public debt will increase further. Public Debt has always been very sensitive, owing to the complexities surrounding debt as a form of financing.

Partly, the decision to take public debt is made by a few people, yet its payment falls on all citizens. Uganda's public debt has been steadily on the rise at an average of 2% of GDP per annum since 2010 when it was within 22% of Uganda's gross domestic product (GDP). It is currently estimated at 37% of GDP implying a 2.4% percentage increment from 34.6% in financial year 2015/16.

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