Abigail Leads the Next Generation By Educate in Uganda


Empowered, ambitious, and brave, Educate! graduate Abigail Chepkwurui is making waves for gender equity and driving change in her community.

"I have to become a Member of Parliament." For Abigail Chepkwurui, a twenty-year-old Educate! graduate from Eastern Uganda, this is a goal she's been actively working toward since before joining Educate!. "I'll campaign for 2026."

Abigail is an activist, a community mobilizer, an entrepreneur, and an Educate! Mentor. More than that, she is a young woman who overcame every obstacle in her path–poverty, familial and cultural expectations, gender norms, and access to education–to discover her voice and create the future she imagined for herself.

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Revolutionizing Youth Health Services; Launching the e-Referral Card in Mbarara Share T by Reach A Hand in Uganda


It officially went down! The Sautiplus referral system and Sautiplus card were introduced to 9 health centres i.e Ihunga health centre IV, Nyaruhandagazi health centre II, Nyakabare health centre II, Nyabikungu health centre II, Itojo health centre II, Kinoni health centre IV, and Bugamba health centre IV in the sub counties of Rugando and Bugamba in Mbarara district.  

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By Ayiga Patrick Obita; Thursday 11th October 2018

Most times, new beginnings come with a lot of excitement, especially if it is about something good. Imagine a birth of a child (ooohhhh, 11th October happens to be my birthday and I woke up to see many wishes from my social media pages, thank you all and that is sweet of you all.). The reverse is true for a bad thing.

This birthday got me thinking, when does new beginnings happen? Is it an everyday event? Or it is a onetime event that takes long to come by? Every year, we are reminded of the day we are born either through ourselves or for those that forget, like myself, by others.

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The Royal Game at Aga Khan High School in Uganda


Throughout the history of chess, humanity has continually held a fascination with those rare individuals whose immense skill and talent at the game makes them deserving of competing against the best players in the world.

This is the case of Hamssadhwane Sivakumar (left), a Year 9 student at Aga Khan High School, Kampala (AKHS) who represented Uganda at the Africa Chess Championships in Cairo, Egypt.

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What does Menstrual Hygiene cost Rural Women and Girls? by EPRC in Uganda

March 8th marks International Women's Day which in Uganda will be celebrated under the theme "Empowerment of Rural women and Girls: opportunities and challenges." This theme recognizes the contribution that rural women and girls could make to enhancing productivity and reducing poverty when accorded the environment and means to do so.

Although Uganda has committed to and taken several positive steps in achieving gender parity and empowerment for all women and girls, women continue to lag behind in many development processes due to often understated or overlooked gender challenges. One of the setbacks in this regard is for women's progress in Uganda is the inadequacy of Menstrual Health Management (MHM) especially in rural areas.

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