What does Menstrual Hygiene cost Rural Women and Girls? by EPRC in Uganda

March 8th marks International Women's Day which in Uganda will be celebrated under the theme "Empowerment of Rural women and Girls: opportunities and challenges." This theme recognizes the contribution that rural women and girls could make to enhancing productivity and reducing poverty when accorded the environment and means to do so.

Although Uganda has committed to and taken several positive steps in achieving gender parity and empowerment for all women and girls, women continue to lag behind in many development processes due to often understated or overlooked gender challenges. One of the setbacks in this regard is for women's progress in Uganda is the inadequacy of Menstrual Health Management (MHM) especially in rural areas.

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Outdoor Learning Trips 2018 by Rainbow International in Uganda


This year's Outdoor Learning Trips have been a great success and looking at the feedback from students andteachers a lot of new skills were ac- quired. Year 7 went to Roots Retreat& Camping Resort in Kajjansi andfocused on bonding and team build- ing activities while Year 8 travelled toIgongo Cultural Centre near Mbarara where an activity packed programme was organized for the team. 

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Improving Lives Through Tree Planting by Rainbow International in Uganda


  Vi Agroforestry a Swedish development organisation which is working towards a sustainable environment offering good living condition through agroforestry, donated a 100 tree seed- lings (a combination of Agroforestry trees and fruit trees) to Chado Junior School in Luwero and these were relayed by the Year 9s of Rainbow International School as part of their Community Outreach program during their Outdoor Learning Experience. It all started with the Vi Agroforestry staff participate in a discussion session with students from Year 9 on the importance of trees in mitigating and responding to climate change.

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I and you have been part of an INCOHERENT TEAM in our working life. Some of us might still be in those teams and we seem to have almost no power to change the situation. What you are missing?

From the Manager to the subordinates, you might be thinking of one thing --- to leave for another place of work. This could be a solution though, what if you still get the same situation, which usually happens in the next place.

Will you still run away, or you together with your team get this vice sorted head on.

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Everyone that grows up has a goal of doing things on their own. The independence they seek is to be able to make their own decisions whether good or bad. Actually, when one is 18 years old, he or she is considered to be mature enough to make his or her own decisions, stay on her or his own, get out of his or her parents' home, etc. you will be expected to make the right decisions by everyone. There are no controls onto the person and the freedom is used to innovatively make the right decisions in accordance with the resources the person has.

There was this young man after graduating from the university with a degree, he continued staying at home. He didn't have any ideas of moving out to stay on his own very soon. However, when he had his elder brother wanting to control him, he decided to leave home with very little money on his account and unemployed. The young man had to make radical decisions because of his situation like eating a rolex with tea for lunch and would have dinner. This young man thought of how best he can survive and had to make the right decisions for that to happen.

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