Today many people are looking today to make ends meet at all costs; some are driven by passion and the urge to get of the daily eight to ten grid. Most people do not want to retire at sixty and then regret why they did not follow their passion.

The fortunate thing in today's world is that it is so easy to start a business the challenge is maintaining yourself in a world where you not the monopoly of the skill set in the sector you want or have involved yourself in. some of the things listed can help you sustain your business. Some demand a level of patience while others a sense of intelligence the choice is yours.

Read, Read and Read;

As said you are what you read, and if you goal is to create, and sustain a massive successful company where you call the shots you must read.

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Kabojja Great Debaters in Greece 2017 by Kabojja international in Uganda


Greetings from The Great Debaters Desk!

It is an honor to report to you all that the Gallant Great Debaters of Kabojja represented the school in the World Scholar's Cup – Global Round in Athens, Greece from July 18 – 23, 2017; where they participated, excelled and qualified for the final round in November, 2017 – The Tournament of Champions at the Yale University in the U.S!

Six students: Betty Gisilla, Keith Mukunya, Matilda Mwebeiha, Beza Gisilla, Lauryn Mwebesa and Trevor Mwebesa; along with their Debate Coach – Ms Marie, embarked on a 10-day trip to Greece to compete with other debaters from all over the world.

We spent a night in UAE and had a 2-hour tour around Dubai, where we visited some of the most eye-catching and breath-taking buildings and landmarks. Upon reaching Athens, the team spent two sleepless nights reading, researching and mock-debating, and by the time they faced their opponents, they were ready and simply sailed through to victory. The Debate team returned home with various honorary gold and silver medals; but above all, scooped certificates and qualified for the Tournament of Champions.

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staff training workshops at Kabojja International School by Kabojja International School in Uganda



By Marie Jundah Matsiko


During the Summer Holidays, teachers at KIS get the opportunity to attend various training workshops and refresher programs. These workshops are not only intended to improve the performance and competence of staff, but most importantly, they are meant to impart self-improvement/development skills. These training workshops have inculcated great insight into members of staff as well as moulding them into holistic and productive citizens beyond the school environment.

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CHILDREN CANCER SURVIVORS’ AWARENESS CAMP by Kabojja International School in Uganda


Children cancer once seemed a foreign, rare and unheard of sickness in Kampala or Uganda as a whole but recently is the root cause to fundraisers, notices for help and takes up a majority of hospital admissions.

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Learning to Prioritise Health in National Level Financing by Reach a Hand in Uganda


The health budget financing dialogue organised by Action Group for Health, Human Rights and HIV/AIDS and partners under the Right Here Right Now platform, was a more than thrilling experience. When the day's first panel sat, all in presence in the Gardenia Hall of Imperial Royale Hotel were excited. Centre to it were Buyaga West Member of Parliament Barnabas Tinkasiimire and Amanda Banura, the country coordinator for International Youth Alliance for Family Planing. A discussion involving a member of parliament and a young person advocating for other young people, fruitful results could be expected.

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