Science club visit to the 600MW karuma hydro power plant by Gayaza High School


Gayaza High School Science club organized an educational tour for students and teachers to Karuma HPP on 28th September 2018 with an aim of exposing the students who are future engineers to the different engineering possibilities as they focus on their future. As a school the best way of breaking the stereotype that Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields are for male is through such tours since they expose the students. They were able to appreciate the convergence of different engineering fields ie. Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Water at the power plant. The HPP is being built by SinoHydro Corporation Limited a Chinese firm with Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL, ) as the supervising body for the government of Uganda. The plant sits on 466 hectares and its expected capacity once complete will be 600MW.

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Hayley Balmain
The science club was going to start the visit to come power plants that were at this city it was known as field tour so they can l... Read More
Monday, 16 March 2020 06:58
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iEARN Educators Conference and Youth Summit in Virginia by Gayaza High School


Gayaza High School(G.H.S) teachers and students represented Uganda at an International Educators and Resource Network (iEARN) Educators conference and Youth Summit from 7th to 14th July, 2018 in Winchester city, Virginia State, USA. Theode Niyirinda, Julie Tracy Lubega, Sylvia Kwarikunda Mwebaze, Rhoda Ssentongo and 13 students represented the school at this conference and Youth summit. iEARN ( ) is an organization whose aim is to connect students and their teachers online in global projects that are aimed at promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) also known as Global Goals. The students and teachers collaborate and engage virtually throughout the year with their partners in different iEARN projects. The conference and Youth summit offers them a chance to meet and share in person on their virtual interactions.

This year's Educators conference and Youth summit coincided with iEARN's 30th anniversary of connecting the world through global collaboration. The theme for the 2018 conference was Global Collaboration for Sustainable Development

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This iEARN Educators Conference and Youth Summit in Virginia by Gayaza High School is very interesting and god for the students. I... Read More
Thursday, 27 February 2020 12:49
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Kabojja Great Debaters in Greece 2017 by Kabojja international in Uganda


Greetings from The Great Debaters Desk!

It is an honor to report to you all that the Gallant Great Debaters of Kabojja represented the school in the World Scholar's Cup – Global Round in Athens, Greece from July 18 – 23, 2017; where they participated, excelled and qualified for the final round in November, 2017 – The Tournament of Champions at the Yale University in the U.S!

Six students: Betty Gisilla, Keith Mukunya, Matilda Mwebeiha, Beza Gisilla, Lauryn Mwebesa and Trevor Mwebesa; along with their Debate Coach – Ms Marie, embarked on a 10-day trip to Greece to compete with other debaters from all over the world.

We spent a night in UAE and had a 2-hour tour around Dubai, where we visited some of the most eye-catching and breath-taking buildings and landmarks. Upon reaching Athens, the team spent two sleepless nights reading, researching and mock-debating, and by the time they faced their opponents, they were ready and simply sailed through to victory. The Debate team returned home with various honorary gold and silver medals; but above all, scooped certificates and qualified for the Tournament of Champions.

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Abel Alvarez
The debate is a big deal and also an art to convince others about your matter or discussion. Many debaters how to debate with othe... Read More
Thursday, 16 January 2020 08:20
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staff training workshops at Kabojja International School by Kabojja International School in Uganda



By Marie Jundah Matsiko


During the Summer Holidays, teachers at KIS get the opportunity to attend various training workshops and refresher programs. These workshops are not only intended to improve the performance and competence of staff, but most importantly, they are meant to impart self-improvement/development skills. These training workshops have inculcated great insight into members of staff as well as moulding them into holistic and productive citizens beyond the school environment.

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Declan Lockwood
Staff training is important because they need to get the different abilities and potentials. As far as this is known https://www.b... Read More
Thursday, 26 December 2019 11:31
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CHILDREN CANCER SURVIVORS’ AWARENESS CAMP by Kabojja International School in Uganda


Children cancer once seemed a foreign, rare and unheard of sickness in Kampala or Uganda as a whole but recently is the root cause to fundraisers, notices for help and takes up a majority of hospital admissions.

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Madison Hoddle
Children are facing cancer due to long durable men’s for the statement for the fulcrum for the fieldwork. Manners of the https://t... Read More
Monday, 24 February 2020 09:31
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KABOJJA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Interact Club Trip to Children Cancer Survivors' Camp


Children cancer once seemed a foreign, rare and unheard of sickness in Kampala or Uganda as a whole but recently is the root cause to fundraisers, notices for help and takes up a majority of hospital admissions. 

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Mia Christensen
With organize of these kinds of camps we can restore lives of humanity that face lots of troubles due to specific reasons. Essay w... Read More
Monday, 27 August 2018 05:27
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Gayaza High School: Visiting A Highly Mechanized Farm To Help Our Students/teachers Shape Their Vision


Beginning the last month of the year is the time to start writing down the action plans for the year to come. On December 1st 2015 we set out as a school to visit a highly mechanized farm in Masindi that is run by one of our own parents. Our expectations were fully satisfied as soon as we got off the bus. 

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Todd Sears
Schools are now completing the version of the vision as they have promised to make the new shape of the visions. Very happy we are... Read More
Monday, 27 May 2019 05:55
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