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By Ayiga Patrick Obita; 5th November 2018

If you have been following my posts of recent, you should know that this is the third article I am writing concerning standards. After you have known why standards matter and how to develop standards that work for everyone, then you are left with the actual work of ensuring that these standards are now implemented.

This is because if they are not implemented, then there is nothing tangible to say about the standards than it being a document. As a Manager or Leader, it is your task to ensure that the standards are implemented and everyone is following. This gives you a situation of how is it going to be done.

I am going to share with you some few methods or strategies that you can use in ensuring that the developed standard gets to see the results that it is expected.

1.Performance Targets

As a Manager or Leader, it is a common practice that every start of the academic year, there is a setting of performance targets. However, Managers tend to concentrate on having work targets are set and not include how the standards can be accomplished as well. This is therefore the best time for you to ensure that the subordinates comply with the standards by having them included in the annual performance targets. It means that the subordinates will become concerned in ensuring that the standards developed, is a reality.

2.Performance Reviews

After they have been included in the performance targets, just like the other targets, it needs to be reviewed and agree on whether there is progress or not in ensuring that the standard is a reality. In the review you will be able to obtain innovative methods or practices that are being used by the staff in ensuring that the standards come to life. It is also a time in which you get to know what is actually working or not and the reasons as to why they are not working.

As a result, together with the staff you come up with the strategies or actions to overcome the barriers that they did encounter in the process of ensuring that these standards come to life.

3.A committee that spearheads the implementation of the standards

Often times, standards are developed and they are left to be implemented by their own and that everyone should follow them. However, this does not usually work out well because just like how there is no leader, then confusion is abound.

Thus, having a committee that gives time to ensure that the standards are implemented. The committee will ensure that the standards are socialized with the rest of the people and their concerns are addressed. This provides the team with a sense of direction of what needs to be done or not to be done in pursuit of the reallisation of the objectives of the standards.

4.Report on the progress of the implementation of the standards

It is a known fact that whatever is not documented and reported is as good as not done at all. This situation does not motivate the subordinates to implement the standards. Therefore, as a result, they ensure that the monthly reports have a section of the implementation of the standards developed.

The reporting can be done in the inception on a more frequent manner than when it is has already been inculcated as part of the ways of life of the subordinates in their daily work.

Ensure to avoid the syndrome of when the report is finished, it is shared with a few people especially the leadership. For everyone to own and feel part of the process, ensure to share the report with everyone such that they can know how best they can improve on what is it that they are not doing right.

Do you have your standards and they are just only a piece of paper?

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MarjoriePLivingston on Friday, 07 December 2018 05:07

I read your other post related to standards, but this one is most important and well written to impress the visitors. Go to and agree them to share their latest articles here for us.

I read your other post related to standards, but this one is most important and well written to impress the visitors. Go to and agree them to share their latest articles here for us.
mack on Wednesday, 12 December 2018 06:20

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