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We are at least aware of the stories in the book of Genesis, even if you are a non believer or non Christian. At least you have heard the story of creation, in which God talked His mind with the Angels he was with, and the words became a reality. We are told from the reading in that book, of having nothing of value, to the earth and all that we see came into being.

These creations pleased God, and they included creatures of the air, on the land and in the seas. These were of different kinds, sizes, forms, etc. They are were created and coexisted for the purpose that God had made them.

When He created all these creatures, He then made man, named Adam in their own image and gave all the responsibility of naming the creatures he has created. He also created Eve as a helper to Adam, which shows that Management is not about a one person affair, but of many people. Thus, whatever name that Adam gave the creatures, they are what these creatures are called to date. Wonderful, isn't it. Above all, Adam was really a man of wisdom to undertake such a monumental task, and he did it with the greatest perfection, apart from Jesus that I can think of.

Thus, for me, the book of Genesis is the foundation of Management. After God created all the creatures, heaven and earth, He placed everything in the hands of Adam. Look at this in this way. God is the founder of the universe, in the same way, people form companies, organisations, institutions, etc., and place them into the hands of others to manage the operations, in order to achieve the objectives of why these were formed.

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Thursday, 28 May 2020
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