Aga Khan High School: The IBDP CAS students organized a cancer run for the Kakajjo community, a neighboring slum area in Kampala.


The cancer run took place along Gadafi road from the Aga Khan School, past the Law Development Center (LDC) off to Kyadondo and then back to the Aga Khan School's parking lot. 

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Ryder Case
This school have arrange a long march for the all those disease which are defecting us from the inner side really hardly. Other in... Read More
Friday, 15 March 2019 07:54
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Gayaza High School: Visiting A Highly Mechanized Farm To Help Our Students/teachers Shape Their Vision


Beginning the last month of the year is the time to start writing down the action plans for the year to come. On December 1st 2015 we set out as a school to visit a highly mechanized farm in Masindi that is run by one of our own parents. Our expectations were fully satisfied as soon as we got off the bus. 

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Todd Sears
Schools are now completing the version of the vision as they have promised to make the new shape of the visions. Very happy we are... Read More
Monday, 27 May 2019 05:55
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Gayaza High School: Hosting Community Farmers To A Cup Of Tea


Farming is done by a few members within our communities who work so hard to feed all of us. In fact if farmers decided to change their roles what would happen to our markets and the availability of good food. However they are the least celebrated within our communities and it is against this background that we decided to invite a few farmers from our community to a cup of tea so as to celebrate their work. 

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Unity Allison
Farmer is given a good cup of tea for their hard work and toil. All the steps of the good tea and Read More
Monday, 18 March 2019 06:54
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Gayaza High School: Senior One Students Learn About Community Service


Preparing the Youth for leadership in the near future cannot just be talked about in class. The Cone of Learning or Learning Pyramid postulates that we remember only 10% of what we read,20% of what we hear,30% of what we see,50% of what we see and hear at the same time,70% of what we say and 90% of what we say and do. 

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Yael Ferguson
Community service was the important part in our university it was good to have this knowledge to the senior students. I also wrote... Read More
Tuesday, 20 November 2018 06:54
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Aga Khan emerges top school in Independence swimming gala


The Aga Khan School has emerged best in the National Independence Swimming Gala, sponsored by DStv Uganda and the Uganda Swimming Federation. 

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Stephanie Dalziel
It was perfect for the swimming to be using on the time about the independence day for the summer gala and festivals. Students wer... Read More
Wednesday, 19 June 2019 12:12
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A Report On The Garden Set Up By Young Farmers’ Club In Association With Angels Of Humanity People To People Club Of Gayaza High School At Sitankya Primary School.

The young farmers' club of Gayaza High School together with the people to people's club carry out a number of activities as way of giving back to the community. A number of projects towards improving the community are organized and carried out among which is the project of providing food to pupils of sitankya primary school.  

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Gayaza High School To Host The 3rd Annual Schools Farm Camp

Gayaza High School has organized the 3rd Annual School Farm Camp to be held from 2nd to 6th September, 2016 at the school under the theme "Skilling Youths in Sustainable Agri-business for Self-reliance.
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Olivia Coombes
An update of the high school is incorporated for the education and standard of the improvement of the literacy. It is staunch beli... Read More
Wednesday, 24 July 2019 06:10
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