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A small loan is a cash advance that can be as much as Ush. 2 Million. They are usually repaid within a one to two months, and the application process takes just a few minutes. Small loans can be used to pay for unexpected expenses that require fast access to small amounts of cash.

Our loans are issues with a 1 month term at an interest of 20%. You can calculate the loan payment amount and the interest using the the calculator on this page. Calculate the following:

Total Repayment = Amount Requested x 1.2

Interest = Amount Requested x 0.2

You can leave a valuable item in our possession and we can always instantly advance cash whenever you need it.

Calculate your loan repayment

Loan Requirement:

  1. National ID
  2. A reasonable income source
  3. A security item
  4. Employment ID if available

  This loan process is 80% automated and 20% manual assessment of credit worthiness

Summary of the Terms:

  1. One Month Term
  2. Security 4 times the value of the loan
  3. If unable to make payment at the payment due date, simply pay the interest and get a month extension with same terms.
  4. A loan can only be extended for a maximum of 6 Months.

  5. Your security can only be used to recover the loan if you are unable to pay the interest at any end of month due date or the entire loan after six months.
  6. Loan recovery is done fairly by remitting the balance back to you.

Automated Process

  • Fill the online Application Form and attach all the required document.
  • You will immediately receive the agreement via email or on submission success page.
  • Attach the signed agreement using the link within the received email

Manual Assessment

  • Analysing your documents 
  • Physical inspection of security and other verification.


Fill this form to apply for a quick loan. Make sure have the necessary documents.

Loan amount you need:
Amount to repay:
Interest of the loan:
National Identification Number (NIN):*
Your Phone Number:
Date of Birth:
Your Email:
Main source of income:
Employer if any:
Physical Address:


Take a photo on your phone or attach saved picture or document

National ID:*
Work ID (Optional):
Letter from Local Council Authority:
Attach a passport photo of you:*


What security item are you providing:*
How much do you value it for at its current state:
Take and attach 3 photos at different angles of the security item:*
Recaptcha Word Verification:
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Science club visit to the 600MW karuma hydro power plant by Gayaza High School


Gayaza High School Science club organized an educational tour for students and teachers to Karuma HPP on 28th September 2018 with an aim of exposing the students who are future engineers to the different engineering possibilities as they focus on their future. As a school the best way of breaking the stereotype that Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields are for male is through such tours since they expose the students. They were able to appreciate the convergence of different engineering fields ie. Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Water at the power plant. The HPP is being built by SinoHydro Corporation Limited a Chinese firm with Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL, ) as the supervising body for the government of Uganda. The plant sits on 466 hectares and its expected capacity once complete will be 600MW.

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iEARN Educators Conference and Youth Summit in Virginia by Gayaza High School


Gayaza High School(G.H.S) teachers and students represented Uganda at an International Educators and Resource Network (iEARN) Educators conference and Youth Summit from 7th to 14th July, 2018 in Winchester city, Virginia State, USA. Theode Niyirinda, Julie Tracy Lubega, Sylvia Kwarikunda Mwebaze, Rhoda Ssentongo and 13 students represented the school at this conference and Youth summit. iEARN ( ) is an organization whose aim is to connect students and their teachers online in global projects that are aimed at promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) also known as Global Goals. The students and teachers collaborate and engage virtually throughout the year with their partners in different iEARN projects. The conference and Youth summit offers them a chance to meet and share in person on their virtual interactions.

This year's Educators conference and Youth summit coincided with iEARN's 30th anniversary of connecting the world through global collaboration. The theme for the 2018 conference was Global Collaboration for Sustainable Development

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Policies & second hand clothes in East Africa by EPRC


In the 1980s, the East African textile industry was more developed along the entire value chain from cotton production and marketing, ginning and production of yarn to fabric and garments manufacturing. The state was quite instrumental in supporting this value chain through Cooperative Societies/unions running the mills and textile industries.

However the liberalization wave in the starting in the late 1990s resulted in a significant decline in cotton production while the import of second hand clothes increased. Since the signing of the East African Community (EAC) treaty in 1999, the EAC integration agenda has had much success in market integration as witnessed with the implementation of the EAC Customs Union from 2005, EAC Common Market Protocol from 2010 an the agreement on Monetary Union.

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Agricultural insurance for sustainability by EPRC

The National Development Plan (NDP) acknowledges the potential of agro-processing to create better paying off-farm jobs, improve food security, increase farmer incomes, alleviate poverty, and enable Uganda attain the middle income status.

For successful implementation of this agenda, agricultural production becomes critical to ensure consistent supply of agro-based raw materials required by agro-processing industries.

However, agricultural production faces a myriad of risks that are a threat to achieving the targets and eventual supply of raw materials. Notable among these are unprecedented drought and rainfall.

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